Posted: 1 October, 2016 by Footy Newsroom

Punter Unloads With WHOPPING Bet On The AFL Grand Final

Gamble responsibly.

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One punter has unloaded on the AFL grand final with one of the largest bets we've seen.

Sportsbet's Richard Hummerston joined Triple M's Dead Set Legends and said one punter has absolutely unleashed on Sydney to win the match.

"We've taken double the cash on the Swans than the Doggies," he said.

"But that's only because of one giant bet of $375,000 - one punter put it all on them.

"There were also a few bets of $20,000."

He said despite the enormous stakes, there's been more love for the Bulldogs.

"If you take those bets out of the equasion the Dogs have actually been more popular," he said.

Tags: AFL

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