Posted: 8 October, 2016 by Footy Newsroom

Essendon Reveal Plans For Number One Draft Pick

Their list manager has spoken.

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Essendon has revealed they do not intend to trade away their first pick in the 2016 AFL draft, and will instead draft a midfielder with the selection.

Murmurings of a trade involving the coveted pick had circled the Bombers, but list manager Adrian Dodoro revealed Essendon have intentions for the pick in the draft.

"It'll be a midfielder," Dodoro said at the AFL draft combine on Saturday.

"Whether that's a defensive midfielder or a forward-midfielder or a genuine midfielder...all of the boys that are around that 180 to 185 centimetre range and play multiple positions on the ground."

He suggested the club was yet to exactly idenitify which player that would be.

"We're still reviewing all of the information and data and we're getting to know the boys," he said.

"We've got a fair bit of time up our sleeve until we have to make the ultimate decision, but we've narrowed it down."

He confirmed, however, that clubs had enquired about the number one selection.

"There hasn't been a serious offer tabled at this point," he revealed.

"There have been clubs that have asked about it, but at this point there have been no serious offers."

Tags: AFL, Essendon Bombers

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