Posted: 4 October, 2016 by Footy Newsroom

Bulldogs Say What They're Willing To Give Up For Cloke

It's not much...

(Image: Getty)

As reported by The Herald Sun, the Western Bulldogs have named what they would be willing to give up for Travis Cloke.

And the answer is Pick 71.

The club has confirmed that they are unwilling to part with any earlier pick - they also have Pick 59 at their disposal.

It has also been claimed that the cash freed up by the departing Cloke would allow Collingwood the opportunity to target free agents Daniel Wells (North Melbourne), Chris Mayne (Fremantle) and GWS wingman Will Hoskin-Elliott.

Bulldogs' list manager Jason McCartney told The Herald Sun that a key forward are one of their targets this off-season.

“We have had some discussions about it (securing Cloke) because we are probably a bit light-on in that area of our list profile,” McCartney said.

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