Posted: 8 October, 2016 by Triple M's Dead Set Legends

Andrew Swallow Could Play Elsewhere

"Just a bit of talk..."

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Jay Clark has said there is a "bit of talk" Andrew Swallow could be poached from North Melbourne.

Swallow stepped down from the North Melbourne captaincy on Friday night.

But Jay-Z suggested on Triple M's Dead Set Legends there is a whisper Swallow could leave North altogether.

"(There's) just a small whisper that Gold Coast might be having a look at Andrew Swallow," he revealed.

"They need hardened, inside midfielders, and as they're trying to keep David Swallow, (there's) just a bit of talk that they might be having a look at Andrew."

Clark said the timing was right for Swallow to step down as captain, and that North's list profile meant Swallow may not even remain in the best 22.

"I think North would be really looking to blood some young players, some young midfielders - Trent Dumont, Ryan Clarke, these types," he said.

"Just keep an eye on that one."

Tags: AFL, North Melbourne Kangaroos

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