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2016 Club-By-Club Trade Rundown

Check out what your club has done during this year's exchange period


In: Pick 43 (Gold Coast), Pick 67 (Gold Coast)

Out: Jarryd Lyons (Gold Coast), Pick 71 (Gold Coast)




In: Jack Frost (Collingwood), Pick 3 (GWS), Pick 16 (GWS), Pick 22 (Gold Coast), Pick 76 (Collingwood), 2017 first-round pick (Port Adelaide), 2017 third-round pick (Collingwood)

Out: Pearce Hanley (Gold Coast), Pick 2 (GWS), Pick 19 (Port Adelaide), Pick 31 (GWS), Pick 51 (GWS), Pick 60 (GWS), 2017 third-round pick (Collingwood), 2017 fourth-round pick (Collingwood)




In: Billie Smedts (Geelong), Rhys Palmer (GWS), Caleb Marchbank (GWS), Jarrod Pickett (GWS), Pick 48 (Hawthorn), Pick 63 (Geelong), Pick 66 (Hawthorn), Pick 70 (Hawthorn), 2017 second-round pick (GWS)

Out: Zach Tuohy (Geelong), Pick 45 (GWS), Pick 58 (GWS), Pick 135 (GWS), 2017 second-round pick (Geelong)

On-traded: 2017 first-round pick (from Geelong, to GWS), 2017 second-round pick (from GWS, to Hawthorn)



In: Daniel Wells (North Melbourne – free agent), Chris Mayne (Fremantle – free agent), Will Hoskin-Elliott (GWS), Lynden Dunn (Melbourne), Pick 44 (Gold Coast), Pick 51 (Melbourne), Pick 62 (Gold Coast), Pick 105 (North Melbourne), 2017 third-round pick (Brisbane Lions), 2017 fourth-round pick (Brisbane Lions)

Out: Nathan Brown (St Kilda – free agent), Jarrod Witts (Gold Coast), Travis Cloke (Western Bulldogs), Jack Frost (Brisbane Lions), Marley Williams (North Melbourne), Pick 47 (Melbourne), 2017 second-round pick (GWS), 2017 third-round pick (Brisbane Lions)

On-traded: Pick 76 (from Western Bulldogs, to Brisbane Lions)



In: James Stewart (GWS), James Kelly (Essendon - free agent), Matt Dea (Essendon - free agent), Josh Green (Brisbane Lions - free agent), Pick 29 (Melbourne), Pick 68 (Melbourne)

Out: Michael Hibberd (Melbourne), Pick 59 (Melbourne), Pick 77 (GWS)




In: Cameron McCarthy (GWS), Bradley Hill (Hawthorn), Joel Hamling (Western Bulldogs), Shane Kersten (Geelong), Pick 7 (GWS), Pick 40 (Western Bulldogs), Pick 71 (Gold Coast)

Out: Chris Mayne (Collingwood – free agent), Pick 3 (GWS), Pick 43 (Western Bulldogs), Pick 61 (Western Bulldogs), 2017 second-round pick (Gold Coast)

On-traded: Pick 23 (Mayne compo, to Hawthorn), Pick 35 (from Gold Coast, to Western Bulldogs), Pick 63 (from Western Bulldogs, to Geelong), Pick 73 (from GWS, to Gold Coast)



In: Zach Tuohy (Carlton), Aaron Black (North Melbourne), Pick 24 (Richmond), Pick 64 (Richmond), Pick 72 (West Coast), 2017 second-round pick (Carlton)

Out: Shane Kersten (Fremantle), Billie Smedts (Carlton), Josh Caddy (Richmond), Nathan Vardy (West Coast), Pick 56 (Richmond), Pick 92 (North Melbourne), 2017 first-round pick (Carlton)

On-traded: Pick 63 (from Fremantle, to Carlton)



In: Pearce Hanley (Brisbane Lions), Jarrod Witts (Collingwood), Jarryd Lyons (Adelaide), Michael Barlow (Fremantle - free agent), Pick 6 (Richmond), Pick 10 (Hawthorn), Pick 73 (Fremantle), 2017 second-round pick (Richmond), 2017 second-round pick (Fremantle), 2017 second-round pick (Hawthorn)

Out: Dion Prestia (Richmond), Jaeger O'Meara (Hawthorn), Pick 22 (Brisbane Lions), Pick 24 (Richmond), Pick 26 (Western Bulldogs), Pick 30 (Port Adelaide), Pick 44 (Collingwood), Pick 62 (Collingwood), Pick 80 (Western Bulldogs)

On-traded: Pick 35 (from Western Bulldogs, to Fremantle), Pick 43 (from Western Bulldogs, to Adelaide), Pick 67 (from Port Adelaide, to Adelaide), Pick 71 (from Adelaide, to Fremantle)



In: Brett Deledio (Richmond), Pick 2 (Brisbane Lions), Pick 39 (Sydney), Pick 45 (Carlton), Pick 52 (Sydney), Pick 57 (Melbourne), Pick 58 (Carlton), Pick 59 (Melbourne), Pick 60 (Brisbane Lions), Pick 69 (North Melbourne), Pick 77 (Essendon), Pick 135 (Carlton), 2017 first-round pick (Carlton), 2017 second-round pick (St Kilda), 2017 second-round pick (Collingwood)

Out: Cameron McCarthy (Fremantle), Jack Steele (St Kilda), Paul Ahern (North Melbourne), Pat McKenna (Melbourne), James Stewart (Essendon), Will Hoskin-Elliott (Collingwood), Rhys Palmer (Carlton), Caleb Marchbank (Carlton), Jarrod Pickett (Carlton), Pick 7 (Fremantle), Pick 16 (Brisbane Lions), Pick 35 (Fremantle), Pick 73 (GWS), 2017 first-round pick (Richmond), 2017 second-round pick (Carlton), 2017 third-round pick (Richmond)

On-traded: Pick 3 (from Fremantle, to Brisbane Lions), Pick 31 (from Brisbane Lions, to Sydney), Pick 51 (from Brisbane Lions, to Melbourne) 



In: Ty Vickery (Richmond – free agent), Tom Mitchell (Sydney), Jaeger O'Meara (Gold Coast), Ricky Henderson (Adelaide - free agent), Pick 88 (West Coast), 2017 second-round pick (Carlton)

Out: Bradley Hill (Fremantle), Sam Mitchell (West Coast), Jordan Lewis (Melbourne), Pick 14 (Sydney), Pick 36 (St Kilda), Pick 54 (West Coast), Pick 72 (West Coast), 2017 first-round selection (St Kilda), 2017 second-round pick (Gold Coast)

On-traded: Pick 10 (from St Kilda, to Gold Coast), Pick 23 (from Fremantle, to St Kilda), Pick 48 (from Melbourne, to Carlton), Pick 52 (from West Coast, to Sydney), Pick 57 (from Sydney, to Melbourne), Pick 66 (from Melbourne, to Carlton), Pick 68 (from St Kilda, to Melbourne), Pick 70 (from West Coast, to Carlton) 



In: Jordan Lewis (Hawthorn), Michael Hibberd (Essendon), Pat McKenna (GWS), Pick 47 (Collingwood)

Out: Lynden Dunn (Collingwood), Pick 29 (Essendon), Pick 48 (Hawthorn), Pick 66 (Hawthorn)

On-traded: Pick 51 (from GWS, to Collingwood), Pick 57 (from Hawthorn, to GWS), Pick 59 (from Essendon, to GWS), Pick 68 (from Hawthorn, to Essendon)



In: Paul Ahern (GWS), Nathan Hrovat (Western Bulldogs), Marley Williams (Collingwood), Pick 33 (Wells compo), Pick 92 (Geelong), 2017 third-round pick (Western Bulldogs), 2017 fourth-round pick (Western Bulldogs)

Out: Daniel Wells (Collingwood – free agent), Aaron Black (Geelong), Pick 69 (GWS), Pick 105 (Collingwood), 2017 third-round pick (Western Bulldogs), 2017 fourth-round pick (Western Bulldogs)




In: Pick 14 (Sydney), Pick 17 (Sydney), Pick 30 (Gold Coast), Pick 31 (Sydney)

Out: Pick 9 (Sydney), Pick 49 (Sydney), Pick 67 (Gold Coast), 2017 first-round pick (Brisbane Lions)

On-traded: Pick 19 (from Brisbane Lions, to Sydney)



In: Dion Prestia (Gold Coast), Toby Nankervis (Sydney), Josh Caddy (Geelong), Pick 27 (Vickery compo), Pick 56 (Geelong), 2017 first-round pick (GWS), 2017 third-round pick (GWS)

Out: Ty Vickery (Hawthorn – free agent), Brett Deledio (GWS), Pick 6 (Gold Coast), Pick 46 (Sydney), Pick 64 (Geelong), 2017 second-round pick (Gold Coast)

On-traded: Pick 24 (from Gold Coast, to Geelong)



In: Jack Steele (GWS), Nathan Brown (Collingwood – free agent), Koby Stevens (Western Bulldogs), Pick 23 (Hawthorn), Pick 36 (Hawthorn), Pick 61 (Western Bulldogs), 2017 first-round pick (Hawthorn), 2017 fourth-round pick (Western Bulldogs)

Out: Pick 10 (Hawthorn), Pick 50 (Western Bulldogs), Pick 68 (Hawthorn), 2017 second-round pick (GWS), 2017 fifth-round pick (Western Bulldogs)




In: Pick 9 (Port Adelaide), Pick 19 (Port Adelaide), Pick 46 (Richmond), Pick 49 (Port Adelaide)

Out: Tom Mitchell (Hawthorn), Toby Nankervis (Richmond), Pick 17 (Port Adelaide), Pick 39 (GWS), Pick 57 (Hawthorn)

On-traded: Pick 14 (from Hawthorn, to Port Adelaide), Pick 31 (from GWS, to Port Adelaide),  Pick 52 (from Hawthorn, to GWS)



In: Sam Mitchell (Hawthorn), Nathan Vardy (Geelong), Pick 54 (Hawthorn)

Out: Pick 52 (Hawthorn), Pick 70 (Hawthorn), Pick 88 (Hawthorn)

On-traded: Pick 72 (from Hawthorn, to Geelong)



In: Travis Cloke (Collingwood), Pick 26 (Gold Coast), Pick 50 (St Kilda), Pick 80 (Gold Coast), 2017 third-round pick (North Melbourne), 2017 fifth-round pick (St Kilda)

Out: Joel Hamling (Fremantle), Nathan Hrovat (North Melbourne), Koby Stevens (St Kilda), Pick 40 (Fremantle), Pick 63 (Fremantle), Pick 76 (Collingwood), 2017 third-round pick (North Melbourne), 2017 fourth-round pick (North Melbourne)

On-traded: Pick 35 (from Fremantle, to Gold Coast), Pick 43 (from Fremantle, to Gold Coast), Pick 61 (from Fremantle, to St Kilda), 2017 fourth-round pick (from North Melbourne, to St Kilda)


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