Meet The Bunch

Here's a little insight into what makes this breakfast team tick.

Freddy Botica

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If you listened to Perth radio in the high-flying 80's, the boom and bust 90's, right through to the present day, you'll know that this guy has been through it all with you.

Fred Botica may have a BIG and unmistakable voice, but his on air presence is nothing but warm, inviting and so familiar that he's become a natural part of your day.

Fred has had over 30 years experience in the radio industry.

Born in New Zealand, he got his start in 1969 on Radio Hauraki during its pirate era. He was one of the original line up at Radio 1XX Whakatane in 1971. In 1973 he rejoined Radio Hauraki. Then in 1976 he was lured to 3KZ in Melbourne, but was soon lured back again to Auckland. In 1982, he joined Auckland's first commercial FM station, 89FM.

Fred moved to Perth in 1986 and quickly established his name on the Perth media scene, by becoming involved with Channel 7 Perth as their voice over man, and on breakfast radio.

In 1992 Fred moved to Mix 94.5 and it's here that he's dominated Perth's commercial radio breakfast scene for much of the past decade.

Away from radio, Fred's passion is music, especially live performances. He is a keen supporter of the West Coast Eagles. He loves to swing a golf club, and he spends as much time as he can in or on the ocean.

Lisa Shaw

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Yes she has to get up at the crack of dawn to be part of The Bunch. But there are huge rewards. Lisa says sharing a studio with Fred and Captain Paul is both entertaining on-air and educational off-air!

Born and bred in Perth, Lisa launched her radio career at the short-lived Perth station The Eagle in 1988. She spent most of the 90's in Melbourne at Fox FM, before coming home to join Mix 94.5 in 1997.

Lisa started in the radio newsroom as a journalist editing and presenting breakfast news bulletins. It's here that she says she honed her skill for being able to actually get out of bed at an obscene hour.

How does she continue to do it? Lisa says "...with the aid of two alarm clocks set two minutes apart, a battery powered back-up system, and one pre-booked phone call!"

Lisa lives with her husband Brett, two cats and Monty the crazy beagle (who thinks he's a cat... because it's all he knows).

Captain Paul

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Born in England, Paul came to Australia at just 3 years of age. After learning to fly at age 16, he worked all over Western Australia, eventually settling back in Perth as a flying instructor. It was here where Captain Paul's career in radio would take flight!

While teaching at the Royal Aero Cub of WA, Paul started doing traffic reports from his beloved Cessna "Chucky". Seventeen years later, Paul is still there providing traffic and lame jokes every morning as part of The Bunch on Mix 94.5.

Paul took 2007 off to spend time with family in Denmark for a year. However, a petition started by Mix 94.5 listeners online via the website to get Paul back on as part of The Bunch finally twisted his arm into coming back to Perth and coming back on air.

Paul & his dog, Sky spend the better part of the day on the water... either on a kayak, jet ski or kite surfing... and when the surf's up, he'll be down the beach pretending he can surf!

"I love the outdoor life. Staying in touch with nature is important to me!"

Erica Hodge - Executive Producer

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Erica wears two hats here at the station. She's not only the Executive Producer of The Bunch, but she's also the Assistant Content Director here at Mix 94.5.

So, as you could imagine, she's kept pretty busy day in, day out... but she wouldn't have it any other way.

Erica's been in radio for 20 years, which officially makes her a veteran. She's also a news junkie, and loves food, wine and animals.

Which makes her a perfect fit for The Bunch.

Carly Bullen - Assistant Producer

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The youngest member of the Bunch team, we’re convinced Carly is secretly a unicorn because her hair magically changes colour on a regular basis.

She started working in radio at the tender age of 15 at Groove FM and found her passion for producing at Curtin FM where she worked on the Afternoons show for 5years before moving to Perth’s 92.9.

Carly joined the Mix 94.5 family in 2010 as a Jack-of-All-Trades; working as a panel operator, producer, audio technician and as part of the Street Team. She has since developed a wonderful ability to fall asleep at any given time and in any given location; a skill that came in handy when she became a permanent fixture of the breakfast team.

Carly lives with her partner Mike and step-son Hector, spends her free time playing the violin and guitar and leads a secret life as a circus contortionist and fire-twirler.