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Pete Takes On MASSIVE Perth Burger Challenge

Fair to say it's love at first sight... and bite.

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Fresh from the big news about Pizza Hut's potential comeback, comes this.

Did you know: Pete is fast claiming a corner at Northbridge Brewing Company, called Curulli's Corner.

It's the place where they keep inviting him back to take on their food challenges.

First, it was the famous chilli challenge. The one that almost broke him.

This week, he visited to take on their newest Man vs Food challenge... a whopper of a burger, if we do say so ourselves.

Here are some of the vital details:

  • The NBC Jacked up Double Angus Burger is described as a tower of taste, the size of a volleyball
  • Its total weight is 1KG, and includes two angus beef patties, topped with bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheddar, mustard and pickles, with onion rings and beer battered chips on the side

Size of a volleyball? More like the size of Pete's gigantic head ;)

Watch as Pete takes the behemoth on. Wait for the ending, where Pete may or may not have got a standing ovation ;)


This year's food challenge at NBC also include:

  • A monster Vietnamese favourite, the 'Too Beaucoup Banh Mi' – sticky pork and Asian slaw in a crisp French baguette.
  • A 700g pork knuckle, spuds, sour kraut, mustard and three bratwurst sausages, called 'Fear the Wurst'
  • A 40cm hot dog
  • A 1kg variety bucket of delectable bird – charred chicken thigh, fried chicken, Duck wings and Turkey drumsticks
  • For those with a sweet tooth, a tray of doughnut holes served with maple bacon and cheese fondue.

Diners are encouraged to share these mammoth meals with a friend or two, but those who finish them solo in the fastest time are up for well-earned prizes from NBC.

The Man Vs Food III menu will be available at Northbridge Brewing Company from 14 through to 20 November 2016, with all items costing $39 each.

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