Posted: 17 November, 2016 by Dan The Internut

Is Pizza Hut All You Can Eat Coming Back?

Everyone's favourite night out could be on the comeback.

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Pizza Hut is potentially going back to the future in bringing back the dine-in experience that many of us will remember, and the rumours are circulating like wildfire. Will this dine-in experience include harking back to the glory days of...

All You Can Eat Pizza?

Remember those glorious days? The days where you could literally have a piece of whatever pizza you wanted, whenever you wanted. All complete with the pre-mix soft drinks in the plastic cups, and sitting at the booths with the "classic" pizza hut tablecloth.

And, of course, the dessert bar!!!

Currently, there are only 15 dine-in restaurants among more than 270 existing Pizza Hut stores in Australia. This number is expected to grow with Pizza Hut's recent acquisition of the Eagle Boys pizza chain.

But the question remains? Is all you can eat Pizza Hut coming back? God, we hope so.

Tags: Everything Perth, Pizza, Food

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