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Michael Clarke's Completely Candid Interview

From the tragedy of Phillip Hughes to THAT internet meme, Clarke talks about it all.

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Michael Clarke, the ex-Australian Cricket Captain, joined Lisa and Pete this week in Perth to address a whole bunch of issues and situations that have arisen out of the release of his new autobiography, My Story by Michael Clarke.

Clarke was candid and completely honest with the guys. He spoke about the awful situation surrounding the tragedy of Phillip Hughes.

Pete also posed a question about how some of his ex-teammates would react to some of the revelations in the book. Again, Clarke didn't disappoint with the honesty in his answer.

Finally, on a lighter note, Clarke also spoke about a meme that sports betting agency Sportsbet released earlier this week, taking the mickey out of his book.

Here's the meme in question.

Image source: Sportsbet Facebook page

And here was Clarke's reply.

If you wish to hear the full 12 minutes of the chat with an Australian cricket legend, hear it here.

Tags: Cricket, Everything Perth

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