Posted: 12 July, 2012 by Dan The Internut

VIDEO: Russo's A Premature Celebrator

Italian Superbike rider loses the unloseable race. Watch and laugh.

Tags: Riccardo Russo, Superbike racer

Source: Youtube

Chalk this one up as an EBO... Error by operator.

Italian Superbike racer Riccardo Russo has won three Stock 600 races in his career, and almost added a fourth... except for one little minor detail... he celebrated one lap too early.

As you'll see from the above, Russo clearly thinks he's won the race, and partied on his bike suitably... problem is, every other racer were still flooring it, aware that there was still one lap to go.

From what we understand, after 20 or so seconds Russo worked out that he may have erred, so knuckled down and tried to get back into the race. Sadly, by that stage, it was way too late and Russo walked away from the race with not one point to his name.

Tags: Riccardo Russo, Superbike racer

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