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VIDEO: James Pattinson's Secret Singing Shame

Has this Aussie quick destroyed the Aussie cricket tough guy reputation?

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Take one look at this menacing, rampaging, Aussie fast bowler. Go on, take it all in... Because the Aussie fast bowler as you know it is about to be destroyed forever.

(Video: Youtube)

Watch Channel 10's Play Of The Day, featuring Australia's very own cricketing menace, James Pattinson, singing Ed Sheeran's Lego House. That's right... James Pattinson, the man that terrorised India last summer, singing a soft rock ballad.

From what we hear, some of his team mates raided his phone when Pattinson left it unguarded, and from there this baby went viral.

Whilst it was just a bit of fun, if you dig a little further online you'll see that it's not the first time Pattinson has brought the fast bowler reputation into disrepute. Check this one out.

(Video: @johnhastings194 via

All jokes aside, it's obvious James Pattinson loves a laugh, so kudos to him for sharing with us the lighter side of being a cricketing superstar... just no-one show Dennis Lillee or Glenn McGrath... they might be forced to make a comeback and rescue their hard fought reputation as Aussie tough guys.

What do you reckon? Do you want to see more of Pattinson hamming it up?

Tags: James Pattinson, singing

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