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VIDEO: Gareth Maybin Brings Serious Skills To The Game Of Golf

Forget the 2012 British Open, this guy's got some serious skills.

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Source: Youtube

How's the form of this Irish golfer, Gareth Maybin?

Well, sadly, not good enough to make The 2012 Open Championship, but we'd argue that the majority of the world's sports fans would be more impressed with his bag of tricks (see what we did there), as seen in the video above.

We all know now how the 2012 Open panned out... sadly, Adam Scott lost the unloseable... so, these videos are sure to hopefully cheer you up.

Ah golf... that frustratingly beautiful sport. The Open, of course (I'm on a roll here), is one of world sport's most special events. After all, to quote Judge Smails from Caddyshack, "They invented the game there, except they call it "gof"...without the "L" as we do."


Of course, we've featured a whole range of great golf videos on our website before... which you can watch again below.

Source: Youtube

You see, it proves that golf cam actually be exciting at times. And pretty bloody funny as well.

Are you a golf fan? Or would you rather watch paint dry?

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