Posted: 28 March, 2012 by Dan The Internut

PHOTOS: Australian Olympic Uniforms Revealed

New uniforms tout substance over style. Well, that's what they reckon.

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Every four years, the whole of Australia stops to witness what is literally a once in four year event. No, not that massive athletics carnival. The Aussie team uniform to wear to the massive athletics carnival.

This year, we've donned the traditional green and gold. Of course. And yeah, what you see on the box appears in the package. It's a tracksuit... a very green and gold tracksuit.

One comment from within the station probably sums it up best. "It's very Best and Less, isn't it?" Not that there's anything wrong with that. Another made the comment that in that pic with the athletes forming a V-shape in front of the rings, it looks like the entire team are sporting an erection... awkward.

Apparently designed by Adidas, by all accounts they've focused on stronger compression suits, cooling fabrics and lightweight shoes rather than fashionable cuts or colours.

Either way, the team could wear crocs with socks and we'd still be behind them, so bring it on! We've added the uniforms to our World's Worst Sporting Uniforms photo gallery, but not because we think they're garish. More because, the designers have used no imagination, whatsoever.

What do you think?

Tags: Olympics, Games, Worst Sporting Uniforms

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