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NEWS: Eagles Now Chuckers As Well As Duckers

Claims are abound that West Coast now chucking the ball... More inside.

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First they were duckers, and now they are chuckers... apparently.

The AFL's own website,, have looked at footage of Partrick McGinnity, Scott Selwood and Tom Swift, essentially suggesting that their handballs are less than legal... interesting to note that none of the incidences were penalised for infringing.

Former Western Bulldogs ruckman Luke Darcy said on the AFL website that the West Coast Eagles were essentially bringing back the "Crow-throw".

"The West Coast Eagles have made it their own," said Darcy.

"I reckon there is a little pattern forming, we are seeing the West Coast Eagles making that little throw their own."

Are the Victorian's just scared of what West Coast could achieve this year? It seems that every week there's something else that West Coast are doing that seems newsworthy... what's next on their agenda? The mind boggles.

Of course... it could be worse... Imagine if The Dockers were higher on the table... the news websites might implode with all the accusations and permutations emanating out of Melbourne.

It used to be that the way to shut up your critics was to consistently win games of football... these days, that 'aint necessarily the case. It seems to make them talk more.

What do you reckon? Are West Coast getting a dodgy deal from the Victorian press?

Tags: West Coast Eagles, chuckers

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