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Essendon Launch New Heritage Jumper

Bombers unleash new clash strip. What do you think?

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Essendon has launched a new 'Heritage Jumper', after the AFL rejected its other clash strip.

Eddie McGuire has commented again about the Collingwood jumper, suggesting that Fremantle should have worn a different jumper to the one they wore in the Saturday clash against the league leaders at the MCG.

This is, if course, further to McGuire's threat that he will declare war on Freo should they lure Travis Cloke west.

Eddie McGuire and Luke Darcy, from our sister station in Melbourne, sharing their views on clash jumpers:

Download the MP3 here

Back to Essendon, the Bombers will wear the above jumper against St Kilda on Saturday night having been told by the AFL their current clash kit (the one with the wider red sash) was not allowed anymore.

Essendon consulted several past players and found a way to preserve the red sash.

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Tags: New Heritage Jumper, Essendon

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