Posted: 3 November, 2016 by Dan The Internut

Kymba Unleashes On Article Shaming Women After Melbourne Cup

“As far as I’m concerned, quite frankly, I think she’s just rude.”

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This morning, Kymba unleashed on an article entitled "Ladies You Are An Utter Disgrace", written by writer and TV commentator Anna Usher.

Have a listen to Kymba's chat.

As Kymba insinuates, there seems to be a set of double standards here. And Kymba does not hold back.

  • "Drunkenness is pretty gross, but it's across both sexes"
  • "As far as I'm concerned, quite frankly, I think she's just rude."
  • "She talked about these photos... yet she put all those photos in her article... so just get out there and shame them further, like, I mean life must be pretty grand when you're looking down from the top of the hill."

Too bloody right Kymba! Well played.

Tags: Melbourne Cup, Women

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