Posted: 4 October, 2016 by Dan The Internut

The Perth DJ Who Had That Rant About Residents In Northbridge

The debate that's got everyone talking in Perth.

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There's a bit of a spat going on about noise in Northbridge. A Perth DJ has openly come out and had a go at Northbridge residents who are complaining about noise.

Clairsy, Matt and Kymba had their say on the controversy this morning.

If you missed it, residents in an apartment block directly opposite Jack Rabbit Slim's nightclub, on Aberdeen street in Northbridge, posted a note on the bulletin board intimating that if residents want to call the council to complain about the noise, well, they could.

Image source: Facebook

So, local DJ, Timbee, went to Facebook to rant about the residents' complaints and of course, it's gone viral. Here's the rant.

Tags: Nightclubs, Everything Perth

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