Posted: 22 November, 2016 by Michelle Price

Dawn Fraser - This Is The Problem With Aussie Sport

Dawn's certain Warnie could breath new life into Aussie cricket

Pic Credit: Getty Images

Pic Credit: Getty Images

Swimming great Dawn Fraser has weighed in on where she thinks Aussie athletes are going wrong.

Her message, according to News Corp, is simple "leave your fun and games until after you've finished competing".

We already know Dawn's not a member of the Nick Kyrgios fan club, saying previously that while she likes his aggression, he needs to learn to control it.

She said "our coaches were very strict with us and I think money has played a big part in a lot of these top-line sports and athletes thinking they are king­pins when they’re not".

“You can always be knocked off in any game or any competition if you go in with a big head" she added.

The New South Wales-based icon has also commented on Australia's cricket slump, calling for better mentors for young stars.

Somewhat surprisingly Dawn thought Cricket Australia could do worse then send in Shane Warne to rally the troops.

She was commenting as we mark the 60th anniversary of the 1956 Melbourne Olympic Games.

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