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Sydney Dad In Touch With Euthanasia Group Before Suspected Murder-Suicide

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Euthanasia advocate Dr Philip Nitschke says he can't rule out.. but doesn't think.. his organisation 'Exit International' was in touch with the father of a Sydney family gassed in their family home this week. 

Dr Nitschke says the group has been in touch with someone by the name of 'Manrique', who lives in Sydney... but he provided a different first name and address. 


The father who is believed to have gassed his wife and two children along with himself and the family dog in a suspected murder-suicide had reportedly been in contact with a 'Dr Death' founded euthanasia group for advice. 

The Australian is reporting that 44 year old Fernando Manrique had been seeking information about peaceful death from 'Exit International'. 

Manrique's body, along with that of his wife Maria Claudia Lutz and their two autistic children, who were deaf and mute, Elisa (11) and Martin (10) were found at home in Davidson, North Sydney, on Monday. 

Dr Philip Nitschke, who's behind the group, confirmed from Amsterdam that his group 'had some contact' with the Manrique-Lutz family. 

"Obviously parents sometimes get taken to extreme levels of stress."

"Obviously this is a tragedy, although it sounds like I'm critical of them, which I'm not" 

"I agree it's a tragedy but until you walk in their shoes, it's very hard to be critical"

He said the father had downloaded the company's e-handbook, which has chapters devoted to different death by suicide options.. including carbon monoxide, which is believed to have been the method used. 

"They knew about carbon monoxide, looks like somebody went to a great deal of trouble to make sure the death was peaceful"

NSW police have previously confirmed they're looking at whether an airborne gas was the cause of death of the family. They're still waiting on the results of toxicology tests. 

Gas canisters, and a laptop, have been removed from the home of the family, who moved to Sydney from Colombia in 2005. 

If you, or anyone you know, needs help.. know that help, support and guidance is available. Call LIFELINE on 13 11 14. 

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