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5 Reasons Why The Perth To London Direct Will Be A Great Thing

Come on Qantas and Perth Airport... make it happen!

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The news is in and it's not looking good for Qantas' planned direct flight route between Perth and London.

That's London, England, by the way.

Recently, Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce hinted that the advent of the new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner meant flights from Perth to London, a journey of more than 14,000 kilometres, would be feasible.

Based on our calculations, this would mean around 15 to 16 hours from city to city.

However, recent reports of a Mexican standoff between Perth Airport and Qantas are putting the idea in serious jeopardy of not happening.

The issue surrounds where the flight should operate from. Perth Airport want it to fly out of Terminal 1 international, on the eastern side of the airport.

Qantas, however, insist that they will only operate the flights from its domestic terminal facility on the western side of the airport, which would then require A$25 million of upgrades to handle international flights, including customs facilities.

We've still got everything crossed for a miracle, and we're hoping that this list of 5 reasons why Perth NEEDS this direct flight to London, might just make things happen.

1. No More Stopovers

Imagine it. Actually going to somewhere other than Bali, Singapore or KL WITHOUT having to stop somewhere in-between.

2. Binge Watch Bonanza

You see 15 hours on a plane. We see a 15 ep Game Of Thrones binge watch festival, or a chance to catch up on around 8 Hollywood blockbusters.

3. Multiple Meal Service

Plane food ain't all that bad now, for the most part. On a 15 hour flight, you'd probably get 3 to 4 meals. No cooking required.

4. Free Drinks

Where else can you go for 15 hours and enjoy complimentary drinks, consumed responsibly of course ;)

5. Just Bloody Because!

There's always something difficult with these sort of things. Why not, just once, can we make this happen because it's cool and Perth deserves it?

Perth Airport... Qantas... work it out!!!

If it does end up falling through, we may have to look to old mate Richard Branson. He's recently revealed that he's expecting his space flight company Virgin Galactic to be making the journey from Australia to London in less than two hours within a generation.

Um... Perth to London in 2 hours... YES PLEASE!!! 15 hours of this will be a thing of the past.

Tags: Travel, Everything Perth

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