Posted: 7 October, 2016 by Dan The Internut

Perth Woman Oblivious To Cop Watching Her Text Whilst Driving

This is a massive lesson to us all... LEAVE THE PHONE ALONE WHEN DRIVING!

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A Perth woman is making waves on the Internet for all the wrong reasons, after being caught using her mobile phone whilst driving

As you'll see in the video, she was so distracted by her phone that she wasn't even remotely aware that a police officer had pulled up next to her.

It gets worse. The police officer tells her that the light goes green and off she goes, completely ambivalent to the impending fine and loss of demerit points from the officer.

Finally, it takes what seems like an age for the woman to realise that she's being pursued.

This is a valuable lesson to us all. Always remain alert on the roads, and don't pick up the phone.

Tags: Everything Perth, Driving

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