Posted: 27 October, 2016 by Rock News

Phil Collins Finally Shares The REAL Story Behind “In The Air Tonight”

The truth comes out.

Phil Collins has spoken about the urban legend that contineus to be linked to his hit song 'In The Air Tonight'.

Jimmy Fallon explained the story to Phil on the Tonight Show: “You were outside at night and you saw someone drowning, and he (a bystander) let him drown and you watched a man basically murder someone,” Fallon said.

“Instead of calling the authorities, you invited the stranger to your concert, shone a light on him and you sang 'In The Air Tonight' and you go ‘I know what you did Buddy’,”

Phil’s reply is fairly definitive:

“Unfortunatly none of it is true. I was just pissed off, I was angry,” Phil said.

“You go through a divorce and sometimes it’s like ‘I love you. I love you. Don’t hang up’,” he said.

“Then it’s like ‘F**k you’. And then of course that’s when a song like 'In The Air Tonight' comes out. There is obviously a lot of anger in there.”

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