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10 Christmas Themed AutoCorrect Fails

Autocorrect can strike at any moment, don't relax over Christmas becasue this is what can happen.


Phil Rudd Claims "I Want My Job Back"

And he says that nothing is going to get in his way.

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Internet Sucked In By Big Mac Death Hoax

Big Macs And Apple Pie Aren’t Going Anywhere

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Aussie Office Install A Christmas Slip 'N Slide

VIDEO AND GALLERY: No word yet on when they're accepting applications...

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Bachelor Contestant Criticised For Monkey Grope Video

Dirty Street Pie Bachelor contestant back in the spotlight.


Flower Memorial Removed From Martin Place

Due to bad weather the flower memorial in Martin Place is being removed today.

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Whiteboard Cat Prank Is Funny In Any Language

FUNNY VIDEO: Teacher gets a surpise after cleaning his whiteboard.

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3D Printing Gives Pup The Gift Of Running

The future is here with 3D printed paws.

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Home Alone: Horror Movie

This is what 'Home Alone' would look like if it was a horror film...

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Dr Evil Returns To Take On Sony And North Korea

Dr. Evil took over 'Saturday Night Live' on the weekend.

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The Best Of Unnecessary Censorship 2014

WATCH VIDEO: Jimmy Kimmel finishes 2014 with a bang.

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10 Ads You Wouldn't Get Away With These Days

There was no such thing as 'politically correct' back in the day.

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Star Wars Christmas Light Show

I bet his neighbours hate him.

Funny Stuff

Firefighter Dressed As Santa Resuscitates Man

Nick Carey is an absolute hero, saving the life of one young man just before Christmas.

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