What's Up With Creed Singer Scott Stapp?!

A bizarre video message, claims of drug abuse and lost money.

Funny Stuff

Star Wars VII Trailer Leaked Or Fake?

Has the Star Wars VII trailer been leaked or is this a fake fan version?


Listen To New AC/DC Album

Acca Dacca have made their new album available for you to listen to for free.


Kurt Cobain’s Daughter Teams Up With HBO For Authorised Doco

The documentary with be called Montage Of Heck, after a mixtape Cobain made in the 80s.


Phil Rudd Late To Court

Bad boy Phil Rudd flips off the press after arriving late to court.


AC/DC's Aussie Tour Plans Revealed

AC/DC will tour their homeland of Australia late next year “or in March, 2016".


Michael J. Fox Performs With Paul Simon At A Charity Gala

Michael J. Fox took to the stage with music veteran Paul Simon at his charity gala which raised millions for research into Parkinson’s disease.

Funny Stuff

Commentators Crack Up As Fan Sings To Goose

WATCH VIDEO: Didn’t know an ornamental goose could be this entertaining!


Alleged Thief Causes An Entire Building To Collapse During Police Chase

Watch dramatic moment that a building COLLAPSES after car chase.


Another Cracking AC/DC Clip, "Rock or Bust"

AC/DC are killing it at the moment with some great tunes and equally awesome videos.


Angus Young & Brian Johnson On Malcolm & Moving Forward

Speaking to Triple M, Angus Young & Brian Johnson told us what it's like without Malcolm and his influence on 'Rock or Bust'.


Phil Rudd's Future With AC/DC

"If we're going forward we've gotta get something resolved," admits Angus Young.

Funny Stuff

Travel 10,500kms Through Central America In 3-Minutes

WATCH VIDEO: A brilliant Travelogue of Central America.

AFL News

Stars Of AFL Stuck In A Glass Lift

Photos of the Australian International Rules team stuck in a lift at Crown Perth.


Bono Undergoes Five-Hour Surgery

Irish music star Bono has needed three metal plates and 18 screws to repair a badly broken elbow after falling off a bike in New York's Central Park.

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