All About Perth

Perth's Traffic Up There With Worst In World

We've done our sums and we think Perth's traffic is up there with the worst in the world.


Cows Reaction Priceless

Their reaction is priceless...


Queen's 'Fast Version' Of "We Will Rock You" Is Incredible

This is incredible. And maybe even better than the original?

Clairsy, Matt And Kymba

Breaking Up!

Both Kymba and Matt reveal some break up stories over minor things.


Honk The Horn Surprise

You gotta be careful of what you wish for sometimes ;)

Lisa and Pete

Bieber's Bitchy Rant On Stage

Looks like he's pouring “cold water” on his biggest fans.


People Are Amazing!

This video is just so bloody mesmerising. Max level achievements.


Rescue Dog Ripper

She used to be afraid of humans... then she met the new-born.

AFL News

Hawks Push For Freo Star

Adrian Barich addresses big rumour about a big move.


Check Out The Puff-N-Fluff

Either way, you have to see it in action.


New $5 Note Plays Records

Okay, it's proving tough to use as actual money, but some genius found a rad new use for it.